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Shogun Total War, become one of the most innovative war game
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Shogun Total War, became one of the most innovative war game seen in a long time, this game brought fresh air to a much saturated genre. This was possible due to a combination of excellent turn based strategy, resource management and tactical 3D combat in real-time with a surprising result.
When one thinks of a strategy game, it immediately comes to the mind the typical games in which resources are collected to construct buildings in which troops are created to attack the enemy, however, this Shogun Total War, is indeed innovative. With true epic battles between thousands of units, the real battles, in which there was no technology or anything similar.

Overview: It is set in medieval Japan, in the great battles of the clans for control of the island where the most important thing was honour and making samurais, ninjas, and geishas, well known legends. The game also has enough historical rigour, and that brings even more attraction.

Gameplay: Despite the many options of the game, playing it is extremely simple and straightforward. In addition, you have a complete tutorial for the handling of troops in combat, which is an advisable option.

María Noel Balla
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